Self-sustaining Biodomes to boost ecotourism in UAE

The Biodomes - Baharash Architecture


Baharash Architecture reveals designs for self-sustaining Biodomes to boost ecotourism in UAE

  • Powered by 100% clean renewable energy

  • Onsite water recycling and waste management

  • Educational programmes to promote sustainable tourism

  • Conservation Centre to protect various wildlife species

  • Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry


By 2021 United Arab Emirates is expected to attract 45 million visitors, some of which will be looking to visit UAE’s stunning mountains. Yet uncontrolled conventional tourism causes harm to these natural areas, by putting excess pressure which can lead to impacts such as increased pollution, soil erosion, loss of natural habitats and endangered species.

The recently launched Biodomes project aims to boost ecotourism and conserve the mountainous regions of UAE, which are home to rare species of Arabian wildlife. The Biodomes will be located in the Al Hajar Mountains, the eastern region of UAE. The ecotourism project will provide facilities for a wildlife conservation centre, as well as an adventure-based wilderness retreat. The Biodomes will also raise awareness on the importance of mountain biodiversity through educational programmes.

Baharash Architecture were tasked with the design which features three self-sustaining biodomes. The structures will be made from prefabricated components to minimise disruption and allow fast assembly on site. The semi-subterranean typology provides passive cooling benefits and is “in harmony with nature” explains Baharash Bagherian, Design Director and Founder of Baharash Architecture. “The bioclimatic indoor environments will provide visitors with thermal comfort, restorative and therapeutic benefits”.

The design provides visitors with a unique experience and a sense of being outside in nature. Visitors will also enjoy organic local cuisine in the restaurant which offers amazing views of the beautiful landscape. Some of the project’s environmental features include 100% renewable energy, recycling waste water on site for irrigation and onsite waste management.



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About Baharash Architecture:
Baharash Architecture are designing unique sustainable destinations that make a positive contribution to our current & future generations. We believe that sustainability is the backbone to building a better world… it is in our DNA. There is a true sense of entrepreneurial spirit in our work, driven by our mission of shaping a sustainable future.

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