Exhibition Design by Baharash Architecture
Exhibition Design by Baharash Architecture
Exhibition Design by Baharash Architecture
Exhibition Design by Baharash Architecture
Exhibition Design by Baharash Architecture


Baharash Architecture was chosen to design the central point of interest of ACO’s stand, the “Tick Leaf”, which attracted a great deal of attention during ECOBUILD.

Each year at Ecobuild, the UK Green Building Council gives exhibitors the opportunity to proudly shout about the green credentials of their stand. The design by Baharash which was commissioned by ACO, won the UK Green Building Council Sustainable Stand Award.

ACO described the reason for choosing this design:

The central point of interest of our stand is the “tick leaf” which has attracted a great deal of attention. We chose the leaf design to help convey ACO’s connection to the natural world and the custodial role of managing surface water and the function of returning it to the ground in order to maintain a healthy and sustainable ecosystem. The tick is a simple means of verifying sustainability credentials have been met for the product and the processes employed in its manufacture, or to verify the product has a particular sustainability function within water management.

The “Tick Leaf” was made from a series of CNC plywood sections, prefabricated offsite, and assembled on location. The economic construction methodology allowed a design that could be delivered to a low budget and to meet the time constraints of the project.



What we did

Concept Design & Detailed Design.

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