Product Design & Furniture Design by Baharash Architecture
Product Design & Furniture Design by Baharash Architecture


Moiré is a 3D printing furniture lounge chair, which is animated by the difference in shapes and sizes of the perforated patterns around it.

Baharash describes it is a sculpture that can almost communicate by the sense of touch.

The form of the chair allows for a variety of relaxing body-friendly positions. Its economical construction also adds to its uniqueness.

3D printing is going to define an evolution in the way we design, create, and recycle our furniture.

Digital fabrication is shifting the way we think of the product life cycle from design, manufacturing to what happens to a product’s end of life.

3D printing is allowing us to explore size, thickness, rigidity, porosity, flexibility, colour and many more material and form qualities of a design in a matter of hours. The results are instant and when compared to some traditional design process techniques, is more environmentally friendly, due to the fact that we can eliminate moulds from the process.

3D printing is not new; designers have used this technique for over 30 years, creating rapid prototypes and concept models. Recently, there has been advancement in technology which allows us to 3D print “Finished” products. At Baharash Architecture, we are exploring and working with some of the world’s most innovative companies to deliver outstanding solutions at various scales.

The project was shortlisted in a lounge chair design competition.


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