Haptic Wall Street Art by Baharash Architecture
Haptic Wall Street Art by Baharash Architecture
Haptic Wall Street Art by Baharash Architecture
Haptic Wall Street Art by Baharash Architecture


This Digital Art Wall called the “Haptic Wall” is a contemporary installation designed for people to engage with through a multi-sensory experience.

The changing depth and sizes of the LEDs on the walls provide an exciting multi-sensory experience, which varies throughout the lengths of the wall.

This dynamic wall transforms into a live message board during the night. People can tweet messages using their phone with a hashtag that will automatically display it on the wall. It is digital art by the people!

What was the original idea behind the wall?

Some of the oldest scripts discovered, were written on stone slabs. In all ages it has also been customary to engrave on stone. It was a bold idea to create an interactive wall that almost looks like a giant stone slab, thus transforming the oldest method of communication into a modern digital art.

This giant “stone slab tablet” becomes more than just art. The idea is to allow people to explore the wall as an architectural space.


Heritage Malta

What we did

Concept Design.

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