Solar-powered desert retreat


The United Arab Emirates in one of the richest countries in the world and home to 10 of forbes’s 2015 billionaires. Luxury private jets, supercars and superyachts are regular items on the shopping list of some of the wealthiest UAE residents. Now another luxury yet more sustainable trend is beginning to emerge amongst the new generation of Emiratis; eco desert retreats.

Baharash Architecture were recently tasked to design a luxury desert eco-retreat for one of Emirate’s highest profile individuals. The eco retreat which is located in Liwa, in southern region of UAE, is designed to be in harmony with the pristine and untouched desert-scape.

The retreat is completely energy self-sufficient, using solar panels, it generates and stores clean power in several battery units. Other features include smart glass windows to offer instant privacy at the flick of a switch, an indoor herb garden, and a central fire place for social bonding which was a key part of the Bedouin heritage.

Staying inside the eco-retreat, in the heart of a beautiful desert, is a rejuvenating experience. The retreat will provide genuine exclusivity and tranquillity in an area which has remained unspoiled for centuries, and is home to a thriving wildlife such as Oryxes, Gazelles and Camels.

“UAE has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the region, such as Liwa, which is a perfect destination for eco retreats” said Baharash Bagherian, Designer & Founder of Baharash Architecture. “We are seeing a new generation of Emiratis who are looking to lead a more sustainable life style, in line with UAE’s vision to become one of the most sustainable countries in the world. Thus eco-retreats are a great sustainable alternative to the usual jet-setting trips”.


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About Baharash Architecture:

Baharash Architecture is an award winning design studio based in London. BA works at all scales from master plans, landscape design and buildings, to interiors, furniture and products. Every project at BA presents an opportunity for developing innovative and creative solutions that make a positive contribution to our current and future generations. Recent projects include The Sustainable City in Dubai, Water Boulevards in London & the Panoramic Villa in Abu-Dhabi.

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