ewaste bin by Baharash Bagherian
ewaste bin by Baharash Bagherian
ewaste bin by Baharash Bagherian


The e-Bin is a smart and mobile electronic recycling waste bin, which aims to provide more efficient and improved services in e-waste recycling.

With integrated touch-screen technology, the smart recycling e-Bin will be programmed to communicate relevant information with both the user and the recycling company. For example, the e-Bin will be able to tell the user if it is full and suggest the location of the next nearest e-Bin, whilst informing the recycling company to come and empty its contents. It will also tell the user if their item is not suitable for recycling.

Its economical mass-production design adds to its uniqueness. Sheets of high quality carbon fibre are vacuum-formed to make relevant parts of the bin, creating a durable, strong, all-weather and lightweight bin.

The smart e-Bin will not need to be connected to an electrical source as it will use solar power to recharge its touch-screen lid. The smart e-Bin will only become manoeuvrable, when an administrator logs onto it.

Project update:

The vision for this project was originally created by Baharash Bagherian in 2007 and won 2nd place in an International Design competition. In 2017, we decided to revisit this project and launch it for the purpose of finding the right partners and investors to help us deliver a prototype for further development. If you would like to join us in the “smart e-Bin” venture as a partner/ supplier/ consultant or investor, please get in touch with your enquiry to info@baharash.com


Smart e Bin

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