Baharash Architecture is an international award winning design studio.

We believe that great architecture is more than buildings; it’s about creating sustainable & resilient destinations that make people feel healthy to live in, inspired to work in and want to visit.

There is a true sense of entrepreneurial spirit in our work.

We design innovative and creative solutions that make a positive contribution to our current and future generations. Thus design research, creativity & innovation are our core strengths.

We designed Phase 2 of “The Sustainable City” in Dubai.

Our work is all about creating healthy places that inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Each project in the studio is driven by a process of investigation, experimentation and always asking “what if?” The outcomes of these studies form the basis of the design.

We design complete experiences…

by blurring the boundaries between outside and inside.

We are working holistically at all scales…

from urban scale; such as master plans, landscape design and buildings, to smaller scale; such as interiors, furniture and products.

We take deep pride in our work, which have been featured in various media across the world through stories, case studies and interviews.

We are actively educating the next generation through the transfer of knowledge and insight gained from working on sustainable projects.

The unique experience, data & information accumulated from each of our projects are highly valued by our clients, suppliers, service providers, students as well as people with an interest in the built environment. We share our knowledge by speaking in various conferences, lecturing at universities, creating videos as well as writing articles. If you would like us to speak at your event or for any media enquiries, please email us at

You can also get in touch with us here

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